To prove that the rounds here on Skins.Gold are truly fair we use generate
  • winner percentage - the point where the winning ticket is
  • salt - to prevent hash from being cracked
  • hash - combination of winner percentage and salt, its revealed to users during the game, so you can verify at your own the round fairness.

Hash is build by calculating a MD5 hash of {salt}:{winnerPercentage}, so for example if round salt is: 7f1382, and winner Percentage is: 46.5309065874971

hash should be: MD5(7f1382:46.5309065874971) = e3fc7f8d27f2b56598126b47b8592cf8
hash revealed during the game should be the same! this means the winner percentage wasn't changed during the game

You can use a tool below to check hashes, but if you don't trust us, you can use any tool available in the Internet

please follow rules described above.

If the hashes are equal, the winner percentage haven't changed during the game.